Sinphobia - Ukrainian Tour Announced


Sinphobia are going to support The Modern Age Slavery on the band's 2017 Ukrainian tour, which will start on February 02, 2017. The dates as follows:
07.02 Zaporozhe - Chicago Blues
08.02 krivoy Rig - Madison
09.02 Zhytomir - Canyon Club
10.02 Kiev - Bingo
11.02 Dnepr - Baraban
12.02 Kharkov - Akuna Matata
“Assault Your Fears!” is the “motto” that identifies Sinphobia, a band whose message is quite simple: fear, in all its forms, is the biggest limitation of mankind and needs to be overcome. In other words, people need to become masters of their own existence.
The word "Sinphobia" combines two other words, "Phobia" ("Fear") and "Sin", the latter incorporating a double meaning, "without" ("sine" in Latin) and "with" (from greek).
Musically, Sinphobia can easily be described as a mix of modern American Death Metal and old school European Thrash Metal, and they do it on their own terms, with the right dose of energy, groove and captivating live performances.
'Awaken', Sinphobia's debut album, is available in all digital stores.


Svlfvr - New signing and new album 'Shamanic Lvnar Cvlt'


Svlfvr is a Doom Metal band with extreme metal influences formed in 2011 by Morcar (ex-Funeral Marmoori) on bass, Dionysos (Rexor) on vocals, Asmodeus (Rexor) on guitar and Black Wizard (Domine, ex-Necromass) on drums. The first Proof of this unholy communion is the ‘Seeding The Astral Mark’ EP, released in spring 2012 and containing five songs. After some line-up changes, culminating with the addition of Poseidon on drums, Svlfvr started working on some new songs, giving more space to the black metal vein and influences coming from other musical genres. The result is ‘Shamanic Lvnar Cvlt’, an introspective journey into the darkest corners of the musician’s minds. The album is perfectly balanced between mellow arpeggios and intense rhythms, extreme parts and clean vocals in a classic doom vein. The lyrical themes are inspired by personal experiences, reflections on death and natural cycles, suicide and the role of humans in the cosmos. However, the real common theme is transcendence, or the detached observation of the dynamics of the universe, the acceptance of good and evil as parts of a whole, the creation of good from evil and vice versa. These themes strongly influence the music, designed to transport the listeners out of their bodies and into a mystical and transcendental experience. ‘Shamanic Lvnar Cvlt’ will be released on August 5th on Bakerteam Records.


Visionary - Debut album 'Gabriel' out in July on Bakerteam Records

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Visionary is not your typical rock band playing your typical rock record. Everything has to have a beginning, and Visionary is the beginning of a multiple-sided quest. Ultimately aimed at the understanding of the “Greater design”, this is a quest that comprehends musical, personal, philosophical and spiritual research. Visionary is the brain child of guitarist/composer Gabriel (Gabriel Gianelli), who’s been very clear about his interests in discovering, understanding, and “musicalizing” the human journey to the realization of his connection to everything that exists. The band has released its first EP in October 2015 and self-promoted it through social media with great feedback from several countries. ‘Pharaoh's Phoenix’ has also been released as single and video. After having signed a deal with Bakerteam Records, Visionary are going to release their full length album 'Gabriel' on July 22nd, 2016.
This is how Gabriel envisions the project: “I see Visionary’ as the communication vehicle that I’ve embraced to push people into observing the beauty of life from a different perspective."


Terrorway - New signing and new album 'The Second'

Terrorway are going to release their new album 'The Second' on May 20th on Bakerteam Records. Formed in 2009, Terrorway debuted with the critically acclaimed EP ‘Absolute’ (2010), a pure concentrate of Extreme Modern Metal inspired by the likes of Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah and The Haunted. While composing and recording the EP, the band built a strong live activity, often sharing the stage with international acts such as Mnemic and Paul Di Anno to name a few. The song ‘Her Last Breath’ was included in the ‘Kill City vol.17’ compilation, expanding the band’s reputation and generating interest among several records labels. A deal with Bakerteam Records was secured shortly after. Terrorway’s debut album ‘Blackwaters’ saw the light of the day in September 2013. The Album was recorded at Corpse Factory Studio in Cagliari, Italy and mixed and mastered by Jacob Olsen (Hatesphere, Moonspell, Born From Pain). More live dates followed, including opening slots for M-Pire of Evil and Soulfly. 'The Second' was recorded at V-Studio in Cagliari and once again mixed and mastered by Jacob Olsen. This is how the band commented: "We think that this record sounds very different from his predecessor 'Blackwaters'. We changed a lot of things for what concerns our musical style and experimented a lot more than in the past... to cut it short… it will come as a real surprise for our fans!" Follow for the latest news.


Ephyra - New signing and new album ‘Along The Path’

Ephyra is a Melodic Death Metal band with Epic and Folk influences. And a bright future ahead. The band debuted in 2013 with the album 'Journey', an exciting venture in every sense of the word, musically and on a personal level, with songs that range from epic, grandiose atmospheres to dark and introspective passages. The band toured that album relentlessly, all over their native Italy and beyond, they appeared in radio shows and festivals such as “Fosch Fest” and many others, often sharing the stage with acclaimed international bands such as Satyricon, Carcass, Finntroll, Elvenking and Furor Gallico. After having signed a deal with Bakerteam Records, Ephyra are ready to step onto the next level with their new album ‘Along The Path’, recorded at Elnor Studio by Mattia Stancioiu (Labyrinth, Crown Of Autumn) and set to be released in December. Mattia will also appear as a special guest on percussions along with Davide Cicalese (Furor Gallico, vocals in ‘All At Once’), Silvia Bonino, Folkstone, harp) and Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire, flute), The band’s musical style evolved into a modern mix of Death Metal guitar riffs and rhythmic section, growl/scream male vocals, clean female vocals and folk/symphonic/ethnic influences. The lyrical concept links every song to the same story: a warrior needs to find his way in life, constantly matching his own fate. The setting alternates a fantastic background (with battles, wild landscapes and glorious hymns) and dreamlike atmospheres. This writing style is meant to recall common life issues and achievements by using an evocative narration. Bands such as Ensiferum, Suidakra, Eluveitie, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity are among Ephyra’s main musical influences, still displaying a very personal approach. Follow for the latest news.


Sailing To Nowhere - New signing and debut album ‘To The Unknown’

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Sailing To Nowhere is an Italian melodic power metal band founded in 2013 by a group of young musicians with different musical influences, raging from power metal to hard rock, and a strong desire to mix the hardest guitar sounds with elaborate melodies and plenty of atmospheres. After having signed a deal with Bakerteam Records, Sailing To Nowhere entered Kick Recording Studio in Rome, Italy, to record their debut album, 'To The Unknown', with Matteo Gabbianelli (Kutso) and Marco Cinghio Mastrobuono (Hour Of Penance), with very special guest appearances by Terence Holler (Eldritch), Leonardo Porcheddu ( Kuprij, Macaluso), David Folchitto (Prophilax, StormLord) and Valentina De Iuliis (Belladonna). 'To The Unknown' will be available starting from October 16th, with the video of the soon to be announced first single to be released on September 16. A full European tour will follow the album release.


Housebreaking - New signing and new album ‘Against All Odds’

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Following the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Out Of Your Brain’ (Crash Music, 2010) and an extensive tour consisting of more than 60 gigs, including support slots for acclaimed acts such as Napalm Death, Entombed, Sodom, Asphyx, Sinister, Natron, Schizo, Elvenking, Secret Sphere and Kee Marcello among others, Housebreaking signed a deal with Bakerteam Records in 2015 and are going to release their new album ‘Against All Odds’ on October 16th. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio (Fleshgod Apocapypse) in Rome, Italy and includes 9 powerful songs, a unique blend of Melodic Death Metal in the vein of Dark Tranquillity tied with the groovy approach of Soulfly, the wickedness of Rammstein and the fierce brutality of Amon Amarth, with lyrics dealing with social, introspective and personal themes.


Humangled - New signing and debut album ‘Prodromes Of A Flatline’

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Born from the ashes of cyber-grind duo Putrid Sequence, Humangled officially debuted with the ep 'Refoetalize' in 2007, which attracted very positive reactions in the underground, leading the band to sign a deal with US-based label Abyss Records in 2010. Their debut album 'Fractal' came out later that year, followed by the ep 'Odd Ethics' in 2012. In 2015 Humangled signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album 'Prodromes Of A Flatline', a brutal and uncompromising Death Metal powerforce produced by legendary Swedish musician Dan Swanö (Opeth, Katatonia, Therion, Novembre). The album contains nine brand-new tracks deeply rooted in the old school death metal scene (Death, Carcass and Cannibal Corpse are amongst their biggest influences) but also infused with the band's strong personality. An outstanding cover version of Therion's classic 'To Mega Therion' is also included in the album.


My Refuge - New signing and debut album ‘A Matter Of Supremacy’

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My Refuge is a new sensation in modern Power and Heavy Metal, with influences coming from Progressive Rock and Melodic Metal, mixing melancholic and dark atmospheres with epic tunes. The band was born in 2010 and later that year they released the self-produced ep ‘3407 – Pictures Of An August Night’. In 2013 My Refuge released a new ep, 'Living In Anger', which was very well received by critics all over the world. At that point they started writing new songs and playing live relentlessly. In 2015 My Refuge signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of the long waited debut album ‘A Matter Of Supremacy’, mixed and mastered at Eleven Studio under the supervision of producer Andrea De Bernardi. The album has deep roots in Classic Heavy Metal and bands such as Crimson Glory, Iron Maiden, Rage, Helloween and Blind Guardian to name a few, with a very personal touch and deep, introspective lyrics, often dealing with social and political issues.


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The Second
Along the Path
To The Unknown


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Starsick System - "Spit it Out"

Ephyra - "All At Once"

Simple Lies - "A-Men"

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Kattah - "Rebirth Of Pharaohs"

My Refuge - "The Cage"

Cyrax - "Cockroach"