Kattah – New signing and new album ‘Lapis Lazuli’

kattakKattah have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album 'Lapis Lazuli'. Formed in 2006 in Brazil, the band is known for a unique approach to music, mixing heavy metal with Arabian, Eastern European, Brazilian and many other musical styles, atmospheres and rhythms. Their debut album 'Eyes Of Sand' (2010) attracted overwhelming reviews all over the world, and it came to no surprise when fellow Brazilian musical heroes Angra invited them to open their 2011 European tour, a great opportunity for Kattah to display their powerful live show and consolidate their name among thousands of heavy metal fans. 'Lapis Lazuli' sees the band taking things to a whole new level, with stronger melodies, classier arrangements, outstanding performances and a production team which includes some of the best professionals in the business: Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Sepultura, Helloween) and Andy Haller (Ozzy osbourne, System Of A Down). ‘Lapis Lazuli’ will be out October 28th, 2014. Watch out for the latest news on www.kattahonline.com.


Tantal – New signing and new album ‘Expectancy’

tantalFormed in 2004 in Moscow, Russia, Tantal attracted critical acclaim with the release of their debut album 'The Beginning Of The End' (2009), an addictive mix of Progressive, Death, Thrash and Modern Metal enriched by gloomy conceptual lyrics and plenty of attitude. While touring relentlessly in support of that album, the band saw their fan base grow exponentially, with their videos broadcasted on national television and their songs featured in the most important metal radio shows. In 2013 Tantal announced the addition of talented female vocalist Milana Solovitskaya to their ranks and a new album, 'Expectancy', which redefines their sound: way more diverse and mature than its predecessor, 'Expectancy' features beautiful catchy melodies, powerful riffs, expressive guitar solos and a groovy rhythm section, including one song in their native Russian language and an acoustic version of one song from the previous album as a bonus tracks, especially recorded for this release. The beautiful album artwork was conceived by renowned Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, Firewind, Cryptopsy, Amaranthe). ‘Expectancy’ will be out October 28th, 2014 on Bakerteam Records. Follow www.tantalweb.ru for the latest news.


Midnight Sin – ‘New signing and debut album ‘Sex First’

tantalThere are a few things that make life worth living: among them, we can certainly mention “sins”. And duties performed at nigh… Most of the times, strangely enough, they happen together. Midnight Sin, as the name suggests, incorporate both. But they go far beyond that. Their music is a sexy combination of Sleaze Rock, Hard Rock and AOR, their songs are powerful and catchy, their lyrics shocking and irreverent. And the energy and hedonism displayed in their debut album are certainly for real. ‘Sex First’, this is the title of the album, will be out this fall on Bakerteam Records. Check out the latest news on www.midnightsinband.com.


Bakerteam Records

Bakerteam Records is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Stigmhate's frontman Marco. We convey our sincerest condolences to Marco's family, friends and bandmates.
Filippo, Enzo and Angelo.

Stigmhate - New album 'Zodacare Od Zodameranu'

holy nBlack metallers Stigmhate are going to release their new album 'Zodacare Od Zodameranu' on Bakerteam Records. Active in the extreme metal scene for the last 15 years, the band is back with their most obscure and oppresive album to date, both musically and lirycally. The album was recorded and mixed between Outer Sound Studios and Destroyed Studios by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Necrodeath) and Stigmhate's own guitarist Mike, and mastered at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated). The cover artwork and packaging was handled by renowned Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco (Dimmu Borgir, Keep Of Kalessin, Dark Funeral). Some very special guest appearances by Shyaithan (Impiety) and Nachtgarm (Negator, Dark Funeral) have also been announced.


Holy Shire - New signing and debut album 'Midgard'

holy nHoly Shire came to light in 2009 with the aim to perform exciting and original metal music with a symphonic and epic twist. Since their inception, the band performed many shows in their home country and beyond, recorded a very well received 6 track demo and developed a very unique sound with the addition of a flute and two female singers to the line-up. After having signed a deal with Bakerteam Records, Holy Shire are going to release their debut full length album ‘Midgard’ in May 2014. Each of these 9 brilliant songs are inspired by fantasy literature, including ‘A Game Of Thrones’ and ‘Lord Of The Rings’. A video for the first single, ‘Winter Is Coming’, will be released soon.


Reality Grey - New Signing and new album 'Define Redemption'

rgrey bFormed in 2004, Reality Grey are one of the most promising modern death metal bands from Italy. They released the acclaimed debut album ‘Darkest Days Are Yet To Come’ in 2006 and the EP ‘Day Zero’ in 2008 on the US label Razar Ice Records and, since then, they have shared the stage with some of the most important international death metal acts (Deicide, Hatesphere and Necrodeath to name a few), gaining respect and appreciation along the way. In January 2014 Reality Grey have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their long waited sophomore album, ‘Define Redemption’, 9 brand new songs which are going to redefine the band’s sound: fast, brutal, modern and “moshy’, this new record contains some of the heaviest material the band has ever composed and which will fit perfectly their infamous live show.


Knowing2fly - New signing and debut album 'Here On My Feet'

k2f bFounded in 2008, Knowing2fly debuted the following year with their self titled EP, soon developing a cult following in their home town of Milan, Italy, thanks to their very unique mix of Alternative Rock and Metal with plenty of groove, captivating melodies and classy arrangements. After having attracted the interest of several record labels, Knowing2fly have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the worldwide release of the full length album ‘Here On My Feet’, consisting of 13 brand new songs in which the band explores the whole spectrum of human emotions: anger, meditation, love, passion and everything in between. Knowing2fly is not your average band. They are here to stay. And be sure they will make an impact!


Astral Domine - New signing and debut album 'Arcanum Gloriae'

adFounded in 2011 by music composer an lyricist Luca Gagnoni with the intent of creating epic, powerful music with a peaceful message, Astral Domine have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album ‘Arcanum Gloriae’. Produced by the band themselves, with mixing and mastering duties held by Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth, Vision Divine) at Multimedia Sound Studio, ‘Arcanum Gloriae’ features special guest appearances by renowned singers Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine, Hollow Haze) on the song ‘Where Heroes Die’ and Giuseppe “Ciape” Cialone (Rosae Crucis) on the song ‘Falsi Dei’. Inspired by fantasy themes and landscapes, Astral Domine’s music is perfectly depicted by the ‘evocative album artwork, which recalls the epic scenery of the Game Of Thrones series.


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Zodacare Od Zodameranu
Holy Shire
Holy Shire
Reality Grey
Reality Grey
Define Redemption
Here On My Feet
Arcanum Gloriae
Inner Shrine
Inner Shrine


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