Cyrax – New signing and new album ‘Pictures’

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Following the critically acclaimed debut album 'Reflections' (2013), Cyrax have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new effort, 'Pictures'. The album was recorded at RecLab Studios with producer Larsen Premoli (Fire Trails, Dragon's Cave) behind the mixing desk and features various guest musicians, each one of them adding a very distinctive flavour to the already vast array of musical influences that belongs to the band, including Progressive Rock, Classic Heavy Metal and Classical Music. The beautiful cover artwork was made by French artist Pierre Alain (Necrodeath). Follow for the latest news.


De La Muerte – New signing and debut album ‘De La Muerte’

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De La Muerte is a modern and aggressive hard 'n heavy band charmed by the mexican "Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte" cult, which inspired each of the 10 "damned stories" contained in their groundbreaking debut album. The band was formed by some of the most experienced and technically proficient musicians in the Italian scene with the desire to mix Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with some shades of Progressive and a “Southern” flavour. ‘De la Muerte’ was recorded by Simone Mularoni (DGM) and Simone Bertozzi (Mnemic) at Domination Studio in San Marino, Italy. It was also produced, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni. Follow for the latest news.


Tristana – New signing and new album ‘Virtual Crime’

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Tristana was founded in the late nineties and draws its inspiration from the chilling atmosphere, snowy peaks, wild ferocious rivers and endless forests of the Carpathian mountains. Tristana mixes this magical ambience with fantasy. As the light alternates with darkness, Tristana mixes ultra-melodic parts with hard passages and screaming vocals. The journey began in 2003 with debut album ‘Back To The Future’, followed, a few years later, by ‘Zircon Street’, both praised by fans and critics alike for the unique way in which the band mixes Death Metal, Gothic and modern sounds. During their career Tristana have shared the stage with many notable acts, including German legends Scorpions, and have appeared at important festivals such as Masters Of Rock. After having signed a deal with Bakerteam Records the band is now ready to unleash their third, long-waited new album, ‘Virtual Crime’, definitely their most ambitious to date, musically and lyrically. Follow the latest news on


Sailing To Nowhere - New signing and debut album coming next spring


Sailing To Nowhere is an Italian Melodic Power Metal band founded in 2013 by a group of young musicians with different musical influences, raging from Power Metal to Hard Rock, and a strong desire to mix the hardest guitar sounds with elaborate melodies and plenty of atmospheres. The band has recently entered Kutso Noise Studio in Rome, Italy, to record their debut album, which will be released next spring on Bakerteam Records. Terence Holler, frontman of progressive metallers Eldritch has been confirmed as a very special guest on the album. More details will follow soon.


Simus – New signing and new album ‘Vox Vult’


Simus formed in 2008 and, since then, have been clearly aware of their precise and ambitious goal: to express themselves in music, trying to be as true and original as possible, looking for inspiration from many other artistic fields, to involve their audience and make it reflect upon their work. Some of the songs conceived in this initial phase are included in their first EP 'Human Prison', recorded and mixed in Summer 2009 at Studio One Black Sock in Turin, Italy. In February 2010 the group signed its first contract with Myphonic Records, officially making their first step into the music world. The band promoted the EP by playing live as much as possible, including a Russian tour, and in December 2012 they released their first music video for the song 'Planet Caiak', which will be included in the band's upcoming new album, out in February 2015 on Bakerteam Records.


Nightglow – New signing and new album ‘Orpheus’


Nightglow saw the light of the day in 2003 and soon established themselves as a Classic Heavy Metal band devoted to the great English acts of the Eighties. After many years of live performances (also as the official Manowar Italian tribute band), collaborations with many international acts such as Lizzy Borden, Eric Martin, Kiko Loureiro, Fabio Lione, Jack Starr to name a few, and a critically acclaimed debut album, Nightglow are ready to come back with a new effort combining all their past influences and projecting them to the future. ‘Orpheus’, this is the title of the new album, sounds heavy and refreshing, delivering great melodies, powerful guitar riffs and groovy rhythms like there was no tomorrow. The album was recorded at B-Demolition Studios, with mixing and mastering by Tuvo (Shake Well Before) at Try Studios. The artwork was handled by Alessandro Conti (Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody). A special guest appearance by Sara Cucci from folk metal band Artaius has also been announced. Follow for the latest news.


Starbynary – New signing and debut album ‘Dark Passenger’


Starbynary is a Power/Progressive Metal trio founded by some of the most talented musicians in the scene. ‘Dark Passenger’, the band’s debut album, is an exciting concept inspired by Jeff Lindsay’s ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’ (as the highly successful tv series ‘Dexter’), a musical journey of rare intensity, powerful and melodic at the same time, with a modern touch and outstanding technical abilities displayed throughout the record. ‘Dark Passenger’ was produced by Peter Pahor in Trieste, Italy, and features a very special guest appearance by Mike LePond (Symphony X) on bass. The beautiful artwork was handled by renowned artist Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rage, Secret Sphere). Follow for the latest news.


Resumed – New signing and debut album ‘Alienations’


Founded in 2007 with the name Holy Terror, Resumed produced their first demo under the new moniker in 2009, which eventually led them to the completion of the band’s debut album ‘Alienations’. The following year saw Resumed focusing on their live activity and, in the meantime, signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of the album. ‘Alienations’ is a massive piece of old-school technical death metal, enriched with many musical contaminations coming from jazz, fusion, funk and latin music, progressive atmospheres and “virtuoso” playing. A set of 8 tracks, each song deals with a particular distortion of the human psyche. ‘Alienations’ was produced by the band’s own drummer Filippo Tirabassi at FG Music Studio and in Sulmona, Italy.


Kattah – New signing and new album ‘Lapis Lazuli’


Kattah have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album 'Lapis Lazuli'. Formed in 2006 in Brazil, the band is known for a unique approach to music, mixing heavy metal with Arabian, Eastern European, Brazilian and many other musical styles, atmospheres and rhythms. Their debut album 'Eyes Of Sand' (2010) attracted overwhelming reviews all over the world, and it came to no surprise when fellow Brazilian musical heroes Angra invited them to open their 2011 European tour, a great opportunity for Kattah to display their powerful live show and consolidate their name among thousands of heavy metal fans. 'Lapis Lazuli' sees the band taking things to a whole new level, with stronger melodies, classier arrangements, outstanding performances and a production team which includes some of the best professionals in the business: Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Sepultura, Helloween) and Andy Haller (Ozzy osbourne, System Of A Down). ‘Lapis Lazuli’ will be out October 28th, 2014. Watch out for the latest news on


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