Sawthis - New signing and new album 'Youniverse'

sawthisnewsSince their inception, Modern thrashers Sawthis distinguished themselves for a very strong live attitude, sharing the stage with many international renowned bands such as Sepultura, Lacuna Coil, Entombed, Impaled Nazarene, Vader and The Haunted to name a few. Having released 2 albums so far ('Fusion', 2006, and 'Egod', 2010) which were very well received by fans and critics alike, the band have recently announced a new record deal with Bakerteam Records and a new album, ‘Youniverse’, expected to hit the stores in September 2013. ‘Youniverse’ is a conceptual work focused on the theme of multiple personality disorder and features a very special guest appearance by Rob Cavestany from Death Angel. More details will be released soon on


Sinheresy - New signing and debut album 'Paint The World'

sinheresynewsFormed in 2009 and inspired by Power Metal bands such as Nightwish, Kamelot and Edenbridge, Sinheresy soon developed their unique blend of Metal by adding a wider range of influences going from the Dark sound of Sirenia and Within temptation to the Power/Progressive approach of Symphony X and Children Of Bodom. Their first EP 'The Spiders And The Butterfly' attracted very positive reactions from fans and critics alike and it was followed by the videoclip for the song 'Temptation Flame' and an increasing number of live shows. After having signed a record deal with Bakerteam Records, Sinheresy are now ready to announce the release of their debut album 'Paint The World', recorded between Fear Studios and Studio 73 (Ephel Duat, Extrema) in Ravenna, Italy and displaying the "cinematographic" side of their music like never before. 'Paint The World' was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Varberg, Sweden, by Johan Örnborg and Jens Bogren (Soilwork, Amon Amarth, Opeth, Paradise Lost). Follow for the latest news.


Pursuing The End - New signing and debut album 'Symmetry Of Scorn'

ptfnewsYoung and ambitious, Pursuing The End didn't aim to just survive in the crowded world of metal bands. Formed in 2010, the band from Parma, Italy, quickly got critics' attention with its first EP ‘Dawn Of Expiation’ (2011), whose songs ‘Followers Of The Wrong Way’ and the title track were included in compilations such as Kill City (USA) and Mondo Metal (ITA). Another EP, ‘Withering’, followed shortly in 2012, proving the constant growth of a band that has always believed in the commixture of musical genres - as the members' musical background includes anything from extreme metal to electronic music, not to mention the influence of classical music - but also in the commixture of visual arts in general, as it can be seen in the amazing video for the song ‘Withering’, written and directed by Mike Lunacy (from acclaimed melodic death metal band Dark Lunacy), which embodies all the features that make Pursuing The End unique: elegance and aggressiveness, science and spirituality.

After a consistent and ever-growing live activity in the past two years the band is going to release its first full-length album ‘Symmetry Of Scorn’ on Bakerteam Records. This new studio effort will reach a new level in Pursuing The End's music path: a heavy Melodic Metalcore scenery will blend with elements from the world of Pop, Dance and the distinguishing features of the band's previous works as well as symphonic melodies. Follow for all the updates.


Cadaveria - 'Horror Metal - Undead Edition'

cadaverianewsAfter five years of absence from the Metal scene, Gothic/Black Metal sensation Cadaveria released their new album 'Horror Metal' in 2012, collecting tons of enthusiastic reviews worldwide and touring relentlessly in support of it. The video for the song 'Flowers In Fire' was voted "Best video of 2012" by The History Of Metal. Bakerteam Records and Cadaveria will celebrate the success of the album with a Special Edition of 'Horror Metal' that will hit the stores on May 7th, 2013. 'Horror Metal - Undead Edition' features two bonus tracks, 'Whispers Of Sin (Ancestral Remix)' and 'Hypnotic Psychosis (Chaotic Remix)'. This is how Cadaveria Herself commented the event: “We entered the studio to re-record the drum parts on 'Whispers Of Sin' and we are proud to say that this song now sounds more direct and captivating than ever, in one word: more 'ancestral'. Also I re-recorded the vocals on 'Hypnotic Psychosis'. We cut off all the 'New Wave' reminiscences from this track, to get an extremely aggressive and chaotic mood!”

'Horror Metal - Undead Edition' track-list:


1. Flowers In Fire

2. The Night’s Theatre

3. Death Vision

4. Whispers Of Sin

5. Assassin

6. The Days Of The After And Behind

7. Apocalypse

8. The Oracle (Of The Fog)

9. Requiem

10. This Is Not The Silence

11. Hypnotic Psychosis

12. Whispers Of Sin (Ancestral Remix)

13. Hypnotic Psychosis (Chaotic Remix)

'Horror Metal - Undead Edition' will be preceded by a new music video for the song 'Death Vision', that will be available starting from April 23rd, 2013.

Check out some 'Horror Metal' reviews here:

All the latest news and updates will be released on


Mechanical Swan - New signing and debut album 'Black Dawn Romance'

mswannewsMechanical Swan is not just a band name. Mechanical Swan is a life purpose for a group of musicians who strongly wanted to combine the power of Hard Rock and Heavy metal with the elegance of an orchestra and the addictive grooves of Electronic music. And ‘Black Dawn Romance’, their highly addictive debut album, goes above and beyond their call of duty, passage after passage. The band were able to create a unique and complex sound made of beautiful melodies, classy arrangements and meaningful lyrics, dealing with the whole spectrum of human emotions: love, hate, memories and passions. Also included in the album is a truly emotional cover version of Depeche Mode’s ‘In Your Room’. Follow for the latest news.


Soul Of Steel - New signing and new album 'Journey To Infinity'

sosnewsSoul Of Steel have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album, following the critically acclaimed debut ‘Destiny’ (2010) and a solid live activity in their native country of Italy. Following the path created by fellow Italian bands such as Labyrinth and Vision Divine, Soul Of Steel bring to the table a compelling mix of Melodic Power Metal, Progressive Rock and majestic Symphonic passages. ‘Journey To Infinity’ was produced by Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth, Vision Divine), mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (DGM) and features very special guest appearances by Roberto Tiranti (lead singer of Labyrinth) on the stunning acoustic version of the song ‘Last Desire’ and Alessio Lucatti (keyboardist of Vision Divine) on the song ‘Eternal Life’. The album evolves around a dreamlike journey of a man trying to escape his demons, which was brilliantly portrayed on the cover artwork by Nerve Design (Threshold, Eldritch, Vision Divine).


Carved - New signing and debut album 'Dies Irae'

carvednewsThe name of the band is the best calling card for these six angry metal heads. Carving the emotions of their audience with the most violent performance they could possibly deliver is, as a matter of fact, their most notable trait. The band made an impact with their 2010 three tracks EP, which was reviewed enthusiastically by many international extreme metal zines and attracted the interest of legendary black/thrashers Necrodeath, who consequently decided to take them on their 25th Anniversary European tour. Gigs with many others notable acts followed, cementing the band’s reputation and leading them to some new musical ideas for their debut full length release, ‘Dies Irae’, which was finally completed at the beginning of 2013. Recorded and mixed in Italy and mastered at Chartmakers Studio (Rammstein, Volbeat, Apocalyptica), Finland, ‘Dies Irae’ mixes powerful guitar riffs, massive grooves and brutal vocals with beautiful melodies and refined classical passages. Follow the latest news on


Kruna - New signing and debut album 'Last Century'

krunanewsKruna made a big buzz on the net with their 2007 demo called ‘Fragments Of Memories’, mixing their early influences (Sepultura, Slayer, Black Sabbath) with the new sounds of bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Soilwork and Hatesphere among others. The band spent the last few years refining their songwriting skills and playing live incessantly and they are now ready to deliver their long-waited debut album, which stands as a true statement of Kruna’s own vision of Metal, made of powerful guitar riffs, groovy rhythms and abrasive vocals linked by a natural and dynamic sound. Last Century was produced by Riccardo Pasini (Ephel Duath, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Extrema) and features a very special guest appearance by Alberto Zannier (Slowmotion Apocalypse) on the song ‘Phoenix’.


Karnya - New signing and debut album 'Coverin' Thoughts'

karnyaKarnya have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album ‘Coverin’ Thoughts’. The band’s influences include Seventies Progressive Rock and modern Metal, Classical music and electronic sounds, combined in and emotional concept record which is able to display technically challenging yet beautifully written songs. ‘Coverin’ Thoughts’ takes the listener on an emotional journey through the most diverse musical landscapes, like a book in which each chapter leads to the next one and you have to get to the end to appreciate every nuance. The album was mixed by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) at Outer Sound Studios in Rome, Italy and mastered by Jens Bogren (James LaBrie, Opeth, Katatonia) at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.


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