Infernal Poetry - New signing and new album 'Paraphiliac'

rhymeAfter the worldwide acclaimed album ‘Nervous System Failure’, Infernal Poetry are ready to come back with their most ambitious release ever, ‘Paraphiliac’, a fearless rollercoaster exploring the putrid realms of human perversion, also marking the band’s debut on Bakerteam Records. ‘Paraphiliac’ features and redefines all those trademarks that make Infernal Poetry one of the sickest bands on the scene, a musical creature that you can either love or hate: headcrushing riffs, outstanding vocals, multilayered drumming and hysterical twists. Significantly distancing themselves from the disposable music available on today’s market, ‘Paraphiliac’ is a mindblowing platter, a killer mix of rage, technique and boundless creativity for a band that constantly research and improve their unique vision of Death Metal. Follow all the latest news on


Malnàtt - New signing and new album 'Principia Discordia'

rhymeMalnàtt is an Italian Black Metal band formed in Bologna, Italy in 1999. They are the first and only Extreme Metal band who have introduced an accordion in the line up and, and before many others, female screaming vocals, trumpets and lyrics in Bolognese dialect. People were astonished by the extreme contrast between their humorous approach and obscure lyrics, focused on decadent poetry, death and nihilism. The band was also chosen to play themselves on a very successful episode of the popular Italian TV show ‘L’ispettore Coliandro’, a crime fiction broadcasted on the national TV networks. ‘Principia Discordia’ was recorded and mixed at Domination Studios in San Marino, with the artistic supervision of renowned musician Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios). ‘Principia Discordia’ moves away from the folk approach of the early albums to focus on much more extreme and experimental sounds. The lyrics take their inspiration both from the great Italian poets and the band’s mastermind Porz himself, who enjoys writing hermetic songs struck between suicide and irony.


Rhyme – New signing and new album 'The Seed And The Sewage'

rhymeRhyme have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album 'The Seed And The Sewage', following their acclaimed debut effort 'Fi(r)st' and countless live shows, including tours with Papa Roach and Misfits in Europe and a prestigious slot at Rocklahoma Festival in the US. 'The Seed And The Sewage' draws its influences from Modern Metal, Hard Rock and Southern Rock, mixing them with deep lyrics inspired by the world's social and economic events. Irony and rage, fury, sarcasm and desperation are all elements that can be traced in Rhyme's musical path, which is now more relevant than ever. The band have also announced that a number of guest musicians, including members of bands such as Destrage, Elvenking and Secret Sphere, have participated in the recording sessions. Follow for all the updates.


Straight On Target - New signing and debut album 'Pharmakos'

straightStraight On Target have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album ‘Pharmakos’. The band debuted in 2011 with the self-produced EP ‘Mediocritas’, a powerful, straightforward Deathcore attack which was able to attract very positive reactions from fans an critics alike, but they are now ready to unleash all their fury with a furious full length release. ‘Pharmakos’ combines ferocious vocals, super-heavy riffs, bonecrushing blastbeats and killer breakdowns in the vein of bands such as Aborted, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel, Impending Doom and Molotov Solution among others, still keeping the focus on strong songwriting and meaningful lyrics. Straight On Target will tour extensively to promote the album. More news will be released soon.


Hollow Haze - New signing and new album 'Poison In Black'

hollowHollow Haze have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their fourth album 'Poison In Black'. Recorded and mixed by guitarist Nick Savio at Remaster Studio in Vicenza, Italy, 'Poison In Black' is the heaviest chapter in the band's career, mixing sharp guitar riffs, a powerful rhythm section and classical orchestrations for what has been describes as the most mature and eclectic album by five musicians on top of their game. Mastering duties were handled by Erik Broheden at Masters of Audio, Sweden. The release date has been set for September 25th, 2012. Check for all the updates.


Evershine - New signing and debut album 'Renewal'


Evershine have signed a worldwide deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album 'Renewal'. Formed back in 2001 in Rome, Italy, Evershine's first influences can be traced in bands such as Rhapsody Of Fire, Manowar and Stratovarius, but over time their musical path incorporated a wide range of styles including A.O.R., Progressive Metal and Japanese Rock, still focusing on melodies and huge orchestrations. After recording two demos that attracted an overwhelming response, Evershine entered the studio with producer Cristian Ice (Stormlord, Theatres Des Vampires, Kaledon) to record their long waited full length album, which will be released September 25th, 2012.


Wind Rose - New signing and debut album 'Shadows Over Lothadruin'


Symphonic Power metallers Wind Rose have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album ‘Shadows Over Lothadruin’. After having attracted enthusiastic reviews with their self-produced EP in 2010, the band started working on a full-length album with the supervision of renowned musician and producer Cristiano Bertocchi (Labyrinth, Vision Divine), combining their classical background with powerful guitars, huge orchestrations and epic atmospheres. ‘Shadows Over Lothadruin’ was mastered by Goran Finnberg (Opeth, Dark Tranquillity). The beautiful artwork was handled by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire). Wind Rose surely come as a pleasant surprise for every fan of Melodic Heavy Metal. Follow for all the updates.


Lykaion - New signing and debut album 'Nothin' But Death'


Lykaion have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album ‘Nothin’ But Death’. The band offers a very personal blend of Heavy Metal, Thrash, Hard Rock and Gothic, very well balanced between powerful sounds and melancholic atmospheres. After having played hundreds of shows all over their native Italy, Lykaion are finally ready to unleash their fury upon the rest of the world.‘Nothin’ But Death’ was recorded and mixed at 16th Cellar Studios by Stefano “Saul” Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Adimiron, Hour Of Penance) and mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Borgren (Katatonia, Opeth, Symphony X, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth). The beautiful cover artwork was handled by Sergio Monfrinotti (Adhiira Art). The release date has been set for 19th June. Follow for all the updates.


Mirrormaze – New signing and debut album ‘Walkabout’


Progressive metallers Mirrormaze have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut album 'Walkabout'. Influenced by Classic acts such as Rush and Progressive Metal giants such as Dream Theater and Fates Warning, Mirrormaze deliver an highly emotional album, soaked with melancholy and nostalgia, violence and horror, real and supernatural dimensions. Like the legendary aboriginal spiritual trip which gives it its name, 'Walkabout' takes the listener on an intimate journey through the unknown, detaching his mind from reality and finally allowing him to take a closer look at its own dreams. To add an extra value to their already astonishing debut, Mirrormaze have tapped Fates Warning's own legendary frontman Ray Alder for a truly impressive guest appearance on the song 'Deeper Signs'. Mixing and mastering duties have been handled by Staffan Karlsson (Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Roxette, Firewind) at Landgren Studios 5.1, Sweden, whilst the complete artwork was taken care by Gustavo Sazes (Manowar, Angra, Kamelot, Arch Enemy). The release date is expected for 28th May 2012. Follow for more exciting news.


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