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[2013] Words Of Silence
Anna Király - Vocals
László Szabó - Guitars
László Ollós - Bass
István Biró - Keyboards
Kristóf Vízi - Drums


Sorronia is a female fronted, Symphonic Metal band from the depths of Europe, Hungary.
The idea of Sorronia was first conceived in November 2011 by vocalist Anna Király and keyboardist István Biró. The plan was to form a new musical entity and eventually, the task of bringing the band to life began. A year of experimentation followed. The band worked on how to make their songs unique, merging their styles and experiences. The line-up was completed in November 2012. That same month Sorronia recorded their first song, 'Enemy Of Yourself', plus an accompanying video, released in January 2013, soon attracting a very strong response. In February the band started composing new material and rehearsing for live performances. This process continued until the end of May, when a full set of songs was finally ready. Sorronia signed to Bakerteam records shortly after and entered the studio to begin recording their debut album. The result is 'Words Of Silence', a striking symphonic album made of grandiose melodies and hard rockin' riffs, neo-classical solos and gothic elements, with unique twists and plenty of groove. The stunning artwork was handled by talented artist Alexandra V Bach (Kamelot, Adagio). And the story is just beginning...