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[2014] Here On My Feet
Alessandro Crippa - Vocals, Piano
Andrea Botti - Guitars, Bass
Marco Ruggiero - Drums


Founded in 2008, Knowing2fly debuted the following year with their self titled EP, soon developing a cult following in their home town of Milan, Italy, thanks to their very unique mix of Alternative Rock and Metal with plenty of groove, captivating melodies and classy arrangements. After having attracted the interest of several record labels, Knowing2fly have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the worldwide release of the full length album ‘Here On My Feet’, consisting of 13 brand new songs in which the band explores the whole spectrum of human emotions: anger, meditation, love, passion and everything in between. Knowing2fly is not your average band. They are here to stay. And be sure they will make an impact!