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[2014] Midgard
Erika Ferraris - Vocals
Eliana Sanna - Vocals
Andrea Faccini - Guitar
Edoardo Santoni - Guitar
Simeone Monici - Keyboards
Alessandro Baglioni - Flute
Piero Chiefa - Bass
Massimo Pianta - Drums


Holy Shire came to light in 2009 with the aim to perform exciting and original metal music with a symphonic and epic twist. Since their inception, the band performed many shows in their home country and beyond, recorded a very well received 6 track demo and developed a very unique sound with the addition of a flute and two female singers to the line-up. After having signed a deal with Bakerteam Records, Holy Shire are going to release their debut full length album ‘Midgard’ in May 2014. Each of these 9 brilliant songs are inspired by fantasy literature, including ‘A Game Of Thrones’ and ‘Lord Of The Rings’. A video for the first single, ‘Winter Is Coming’, will be released soon.