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[2016] Gabriel
Garrett Holbrook - Vocals
Gabriel - Guitars
Fabrizio Grossi - Bass
Enricomaria D’Alessandro - Flute
Anthony JR Morra - Drums


Visionary is not your typical rock band playing your typical rock record. Everything has to have a beginning, and Visionary is the beginning of a multiple-sided quest. Ultimately aimed at the understanding of the “Greater design”, this is a quest that comprehends musical, personal, philosophical and spiritual research. Visionary is the brain child of guitarist/composer Gabriel (Gabriel Gianelli), who’s been very clear about his interests in discovering, understanding, and “musicalizing” the human journey to the realization of his connection to everything that exists. The band has released its first EP in October 2015 and self-promoted it through social media with great feedback from several countries. ‘Pharaoh's Phoenix’ has also been released as single and video. This is how Gabriel envisions the project: “I see Visionary’ as the communication vehicle that I’ve embraced to push people into observing the beauty of life from a different perspective."