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Infernal Poetry
[2013] Paraphiliac
[2009] Nervous System Failure
[2005] Beholding The Unpure
[2002] Not Light But Rather Visible Darkness
Paolo Ojetti - Vocals
Daniele Galassi - Guitars
Christian Morbidoni - Guitars
Alessandro Infusini - Bass
Alessandro Vagnoni - Drums


Widely considered one of the most unconventional extreme metal bands on the scene, Infernal Poetry gained a “cult” status after having released critically acclaimed albums such as ‘Nervous System Failure’ (2009) and having toured incessantly since their formation (Dismember, Rotting Christ, Impiety and Behemoth are among the bands they have shared the stage with in numerous occasions). Strongly influenced both by American Brutal Death Metal and the more melodic Scandinavian acts, Infernal Poetry soon evolved into something totally new and refreshing, adding disturbing tones and schizophrenic elements to their sound.
After having signed a worldwide deal with Bakerteam records, Infernal Poetry are ready to come back with their most ambitious release ever, ‘Paraphiliac’, a fearless rollercoaster exploring the putrid realms of human perversion. ‘Paraphiliac’ features and redefines all those trademarks that make Infernal Poetry one of the sickest bands on the scene, a musical creature that you can either love or hate: headcrushing riffs, outstanding vocals, multilayered drumming and hysterical twists. Significantly distancing themselves from the disposable music available on today’s market, ‘Paraphiliac’ is a mindblowing platter, a killer mix of rage, technique and boundless creativity for a band that constantly research and improve their unique vision of death metal.