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[2012] The Seed And The Sewage
[2011] Fi(r)st
Gabriele Gozzi - Vocals
Matteo Magni - Guitars
Riccardo Canato - Bass
Vinny Brando - Drums


Rhyme have signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album 'The Seed And The Sewage', following their acclaimed debut effort 'Fi(r)st' and countless live shows, including tours with Papa Roach and Misfits in Europe and a prestigious slot at Rocklahoma Festival in the US. 'The Seed And The Sewage' draws its influences from Nineties Metal, Hard Rock and Southern Rock, mixing them with deep lyrics inspired by the world's social and economic events. Irony and rage, fury, sarcasm and desperation are all elements that can be traced in Rhyme's musical path, which is now more relevant than ever. The band have also announced that a number of guest musicians, including members of bands such as Destrage, Elvenking and Secret Sphere have also participated in the recording sessions.