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Pursuing The End
[2013] Symmetry Of Scorn
Giacomo Benamati - Vocals
Chiara Manese - Vocals
Davide Rinaldi - Guitars
Thomas Pipitone - Guitars
Luca Cocconi - Bass
Stefano Bottarelli - Keyboards, Piano
Gregorio Ferrarese - Drums


Young and ambitious, Pursuing The End didn't aim to just survive in the crowded world of metal bands. Formed in 2010, the band from Parma, Italy, quickly got critics' attention with its first EP ‘Dawn Of Expiation’ (2011), whose songs ‘Followers Of The Wrong Way’ and the title track were included in compilations such as Kill City (USA) and Mondo Metal (ITA). Another EP, ‘Withering’, followed shortly in 2012, proving the constant growth of a band that has always believed in the commixture of musical genres - as the members' musical background includes anything from extreme metal to electronic music, not to mention the influence of classical music - but also in the commixture of visual arts in general, as it can be seen in the amazing video for the song ‘Withering’, written and directed by Mike Lunacy (from acclaimed melodic death metal band Dark Lunacy), which embodies all the features that make Pursuing The End unique: elegance and aggressiveness, science and spirituality.
After a consistent and ever-growing live activity in the past two years the band is going to release its first full-length album ‘Symmetry Of Scorn’ on Bakerteam Records. This new studio effort will reach a new level in Pursuing The End's music path: a heavy Melodic Metalcore scenery will blend with elements from the world of Pop, Dance and the distinguishing features of the band's previous works as well as symphonic melodies.